Top 10 Best Android Apps - January 2016

CooLoserTech reviewed DailyCast and reported it as one of the best Android Apps in January 2016. In the video, it reported that DailyCast was an efficient video aggregator with a variety of features that makes discovering new videos easy and fun.

They highlighted the fact that users don’t have to waste time searching Youtube for great videos as they are easily sorted into relevant categories; the app also includes daily staff picks highlighting what’s popular now.

They ended by saying that DailyCast is easy and convenient to use for watching short and funny videos from around the web.

The best Android Apps - August 2015

Facundo Holzmeister, an Android tech reviewer, regarded DailyCast as one of the best Android Apps in August 2015. He said specifically that DailyCast is a free and beautiful app and helps users discover funny, short, interesting videos from Youtube, Vimeo and other video platforms that many people may not be aware of.

Facundo spoke about how DailyCast gives users daily videos watch so that they can discover new content and channels, with more new videos every day.

The best feature in the reviewer’s opinion was that users can search videos that they want to watch on Youtube with quick load times that open in the application itself so they don’t have to keep switching between different apps.